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Many people believe that the Renaissance was a time period that which individualism spread, but this philosophy was first developed by William Ockham during the late Middle Ages. He believed that people should be free to determine their own form of government and elect their own government officials. He also argued that government should be entirely secular, without the authority of priests and bishops. This philosophy was similar to Machiavelli’s book, “The Prince.” It shows how a person would establish a lasting government. All of the contents are secular and is written from a logical standpoint. The idea of nominalism was also a belief that philosophical speculation was a logical and linguistic exercise. It was nominalism that laid the basic foundations to future scientific research. Since this theory led to an increase in general knowledge, it provided future scientists the opportunity to make their famous discoveries.

Another form of individualism was expressed through Christine de Pisan. She argued that women had the freedom to develop their own ideas, and should not always rely on the advice of men. Even though Pisan fought against these common stereotypes, the status of women did not change during the Renaissance. This shows that family life and culture between these two periods were the same.

Renaissance means “rebirth,” but the renaissance was only an era of change and transition. The Middle Ages never really ended, which is why this term does not truly define a significant break. Many features of the renaissance had a past connection with the Middle Ages. If the first cathedrals hadn’t been built, there would be no buildings for Renaissance architects to base their work off. If it weren’t for the philosophies and teachings of the Middle Ages, then discoveries in science and mathematics wouldn’t have developed. Just like any other historical era, changes will always happen as time goes by. Although during the Renaissance, these changes occurred rather quickly, the past should never be ignored. There is a cause and effect for everything that happens. Without the basic foundations of the Middle Ages, all the new developments during the Renaissance would not have happened.
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